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Panel Glides were initially a Japanese architectural feature. They became so famous that they are now standard throughout Australia. Designers love panel glidesbecause they are great space savers, and can be very graceful blinds.

Panel glides go with anything:

Panel glides are a slight departure from the usual hanging blinds. They include the ability to make use of space efficiently and offer useful interior blinds for consultation rooms, offices, and other palces where privacy and lighting are important factors. They can either be centre opening, such as sliding doors, or ‘concertina’ stacks to one side, more often than not operated by a cord or wand. They are also filters, as much as conventional blinds.

Panel glides are versatile and can be utilised for windows up to 6 meters in size. That is a lot of space, ideal for even the massive windows now being installed in the housing and commercial markets. It is no exaggeration to say there is not much these panels cannot do, in terms of coverage. They have become very popular partly for this very reason.

Styles, looks & choices:

One of the other reasons why panel glides are so popular is that they are extremely designer-friendly. These are rapidly turning into an art form in construction and design, and the results are spectacular. Designers and manufacturers love their flexibility of panel glides.

The ability to work with a huge range of fabrics is the other important design strength for such panels. It is interesting to note down that popularity is driving quality in this space, with demand for good quality fabrics adding to the designing of panel glides.

Consumers and clients are also provided with a very broad spectrum of design capabilities. Designer prints are real market favourites, and shopping around is like going to an art gallery. Internet or online shopping is a huge help in this kind of environment, allowing clients and consumers to browse and acquire a good idea of what is on the market.

The online shopping can also provide you with so many choices that you might need help in making up your mind. One call to a supplier can provide you with a lot of information about making your choice and answering any queries you might have.


If there is one specific area in which panel glides excel, it is their ability to be customised for any kind of functional or design purpose. Their high adaptability to interior situations makes them a primary choice, even in one of the most demanding settings. All that is really needed are the size specifications!

The functional style, range, and design qualities of panel glides are appreciated by clients, consumers, designers, and manufacturers equally. It has made panel glides an ‘all-purpose’ working solution for homes and the most businesses. There is no real perimeter or limitation to the possibilities. So, check out the range of panel glides offered at Drowell Blinds and choose what suits your home and office decor!