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When looking for a brand new, fresh way of updating your house’s design, take into consideration the benefits roller blinds offer for your interior decor. Cheap roller window blinds are obtainable to suit those with restricted remodeling budgets, and a wide array of types, styles, and colours can make your house’s decor come alive; versatile and simple to install, these are an excellent replacement to standard Venetian blinds or shades. For more extensive house remodeling projects, motorised roller blind systems are available; these are more often than not fairly costly but offer unique advantages not found in other window treatments.

Standard non-motorised blinds are designed on the principle of tension & release. Spring roller blinds use a spring to produce tension and friction, holding the blind in an appropriate position when the tension is applied, and releasing it to permit repositioning when the tension is released. Other kinds of roller blinds make use of a continuous loop action, offering a smoother, more natural ‘up-and-down’ motion for the roller blind.

When choosing a roller blind, look for robust construction including metal roller tubes & hem rails. Aluminum is in general used for roller blinds since it proffers strong tensile strength & durability without adding much weight to the blind. Taken as a whole, the blind should be logically designed & attractive; test it to make sure that the hem rail is heavy enough to permit the blind to hang properly when mounted. Another characteristic to look for is a ‘one-step push-button’ release for the blind, which permits easy replacement of worn out blinds without removing the existing brackets & mounting hardware. Some of the blinds feature custom covers on the sides of the blind mounting to offer a more finished look and appearance. If you expect the blind to see to heavy usage, you might wish to consider a hardwearing roller blind, designed to withstand daily abuse.

For convenience & ease of use, motorised blinds are but obvious choice. Most installations need electrical wiring and a rocker wall switch that lowers or raises the shades to a good number of predetermined positions. For added convenience, some of the roller blinds are attached to a timer, permitting the shades to be automatically lowered or raised at specific times of the day. This adds a security measure to your house, as it gives an impression that there is someone at home. Remote control devices are also obtainable for some motorised roller blinds. Contact Drowell Blinds and make a smart purchase.