We are now seeing brand new homes, renovations and commercial buildings concentrating on bringing the ‘indoors outside’ by planning an outdoor living space as a vital design feature of the build. Outdoor entertainment areas are becoming very popular and with the addition of all-weather materials and furnishings, the ideal outdoor living space can be achieved. At the Drowell Blinds, we can help you achieve the ideal alfresco area in your home & business. We have a broad range of high-quality outdoor blinds in Melbourne to fit any space or setting, including sunblinds, patio blinds, roller and external shutters & awnings, and we stock a huge array of colors and styles to maximize your outdoor area. Outdoor Blinds are an incredible way to provide you with comfort, relaxation, and convenience all year round, but they also have various other benefits.

Following our top 10 reasons for the popularity of outdoor blinds in Melbourne:

1. Outdoor Blinds Maximize Space: As house & commercial blocks are getting smaller, outdoor blinds are able to help maximize your outdoor space, in verandah and patio areas, to bring you some more usable space.

2. Protection of your Furnishings: By keeping out the callous elements, your outdoor blinds will protect your furniture from damage, fading and general wear & tear. Outdoor blinds placed on a patio, veranda or pergola can protect against rains and harsh sunlight. Outdoor blinds in Melbourne help shade winds. This means that the interior of your house will stay cooler during the hot summer. Outdoor blinds reflect the heat away from your house and keep rain from entering the ‘entertainment area’ of your outdoor space. This can lower your energy bills and lengthen the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Solar outdoor blinds help to filter the air and reduce the amount of dust that enters your house.

3. Protection from the Harsh Weather: High-quality outdoor blinds in Melbourne can protect you from the rain, the wind and the harsh rays of the sun. As you know Melbourne can experience 4 seasons in a day, so the bonus of continuing to amuse your guests and clients even when it’s too hot or too cold, is a big benefit.

4. Energy Efficient: With blinds down, it’s estimated that you can minimize your energy bill by up to 50 per cent. Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne maintain the warmth in your house and also keep it cooler by protecting your home & office from the harsh sun.

5. Keep away the flies, bugs, and mosquitoes: There is absolutely nothing worse than entertaining guests when flies and mosquitoes come uninvited to your planned party! Outdoor blinds protect you from insects and little creatures.

6. Dry your Washing Outside: Outdoor blinds in Melbourne allow you to dry your washing out on your patio, balcony or deck area. This is a great money-saver by not using your dryer.

7. Versatile: Whatever style, size, space, color, your need, we have a blind to suit your requirement. We can match any home decor to increase the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. Outdoor blinds are available in different styles and colors. This allows you to enhance the aesthetic value of your home’s exterior. Outdoor roller or motorized blinds allow you to cordon off an outdoor area for entertaining and privacy. Outdoor blinds in Melbourne protect you and your guests from the harsh sunlight and rain, allowing you to enjoy outdoors even when the climate is not cooperating. Outdoor blinds seamlessly blend with any setting. You can make use of them in the garden or in the kitchen space. Choose the colors and styles which will enhance your area. Additionally, if you pick wisely, they can be used in numerous places both inside and outside of your home. Outdoor blinds provide you with an outdoor entertaining space which is protected from rain & excess sunlight. These blinds are available in a variety of options, encompassing motorized and manual outdoor blinds in Melbourne.

8. Increases Privacy: We have a broad range of block out Blinds in Melbourne in an array of colors which not only look awesome but provide you with great privacy. Do you have a nosy neighbor? Would you like to improve the privacy of your outdoor patio? Not just in Melbourne but Blinds in Craigieburn will also help you to create a private outdoor room that is private, comfortable, and sheltered. So now say goodbye to the nosy neighbors and hello to a private area where you can cherish the outdoors away from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

9. They Add Value to Your Home: Outdoor blinds in Melbourne are available in a wide range of colors and styles. By increasing the space & appearance of your house, is appealing to the potential buyers.

10. Entertain All Year Round: Whether you have a cafe or office, home, being able to entertain relatives & friends, or provide for your clients all year round, enhances profitability in your business and happiness in your house !

11. Easy to use: Outdoor blinds can be retractable, shuttered, fixed or roller-style. The material used to make the outdoor blinds is strong and include PVC and canvas. Outdoor blinds will endure the elements easily. Outdoor blinds in Melbourne are manufactured to last for a long time with minimal cleaning & maintenance. External blinds that are manufactured & installed using the proper material provide you years of beauty, privacy, and comfort. Install them to produce an outdoor area that you can enjoy all year round.

Would you like to add class and personality to your outdoor space? Would you like to add functionality and style to your outdoor entertainment area? Outdoor blinds in Melbourne can easily do both of the above things. Outdoor blinds can improve and enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space or patio and provide a bit of privacy too. These blinds have the ability to keep your outdoor entertaining area comfortable and private.