When you are decorating your brand new home or redecorating the existing one, there are many reasons to use Roman blinds in Melbourne. Your home is significant to you. You want it to look pleasing not just to yourself and your family but also to your friends and neighbours.

Often, we buy Indoor blinds in Melbourne that fit in our budget but compromise on acquiring a good fit for our windows. The end result is a window which is decoratively challenged and normally just plain. With roman blinds, you can find many reasons for making use of them in your home. Here are 7 odd reasons that make Roman Blinds of Melbourne the best window treatment:

• You can have an inside & outside look: With Roman blinds, you can have 2 different fabrics. You can have fabric that suits your interior design from the carpet or colour scheme, and it can be different in every room, while the outside or exterior side of the blinds can be done in white or neutral to complement the outside of the house.

• Family & friends usually like these blinds: You will always get compliments on the Roman Blinds of Melbourne. The ability to make use of different materials and styles around the home provides you with a better personality. The neighbours will stop you when you get the mail to tell you that they just love the colour and design choices that you have made. When you invite them, they always want to know where you got the roman blinds from and how much they cost. They also ask if you would help them choose some out for their home.

• The Roman blinds in Melbourne can be made in different styles: The cascading fabric style for my Roman blinds is magical. The fabric offers you a perfect fit for your room decor and allows distinction. You will also find that the fabric tends to soften your room. While you may have patterns on the fabric, you may have chosen the soft colours, without patterns. This will fit in with your decor a little better and offer a pleasing style rather than something that draws the eye away from the rest of your room.

• It is easy to get Roman Blinds in Melbourne custom made: Once you have determined the kind of decorator fabric and the colours you want for your blinds it’s easy to get them custom made for the windows. You just have to order them to your correct size and in about 10 days to 2 weeks, you have your custom made Roman shades.

• Roman blinds are pretty easy to clean: If you’ve ever had any kind of horizontal, mini or Venetian blinds in Melbourne you know how painful they are to clean. Roman Blinds in Melbourne, on the other hand, are pretty easy to clean. Just make use of your vacuum brush or a quick run over with your Swiffer and you’re done.

• They Fit: Most of the Roller blinds in Melbourne which you buy in the stores are going to be of a certain length & width and if they are more than a 1/2″ off in width they’ll look like they do not fit. Which of course they do not! There are some blinds which can be cut to your width in the stores, but you have to shorten them and if you have ever tried to shorten them you know what a pain it is. The best part of having custom Roman blinds in Melbourne means you will not have to mount them on the outside of the window that always looks tacky, but you may mount them inside the frame where they look grand.

• Roman blinds give you the privacy you want: You can now get roman blinds in that ‘top/down – bottom/up’ option. You may like to open them down from the top in your bathroom. This will let you have plenty of light while letting you have your privacy. If you would like to produce a little friend and neighbour envy then add some custom Roman blinds in your Melbourne home. Your kids and spouse will love them. They will show them off to their friends and you’ll get a reputation of the neighbourhood decorator.

Some of the favourite types of ready-made blinds include flat, balloon, hobbled, and relaxed Roman blinds.

• Flat Roman blinds are created so that the actual pleats on the blind lie completely flat when the blind is opened up. These have a very neat & tidy appearance and these are suitable for rooms when you require an uncluttered look. These are sometimes also known as classic Roman Blinds in Melbourne.

• Hobbled Roman blinds do not lie flat when opened, the lower edge of each and every slat slants outward slightly. This is a more decorative kind of blind, something that is appropriate for any room but especially rooms where you would want more decorative window treatments.

• Relaxed Roman blinds are a more casual style of blind. When the blind is raised, the folds are somewhat rounded, which means that they dip in the middle and are raised a little higher on either side. Normally, these blinds are made up of a lightweight fabric as obviously vinyl or wood blinds would not fold properly.

• Balloon Roman Blinds of Melbourne are scalloped on the end. This causes these blinds to billow out, for this reason, the name balloon blinds. In order for the blinds to have a truly fluffy, airy appearance they require to be made from a fairly lightweight material.

Aside from these basic options, you can also decide either to have blinds that open from top to down – these are good if privacy is a problem. You may buy Roman motorised blinds in Melbourne which are great to hang in windows which are in difficult to reach areas. Make contact with Drowell Blinds and make a smart purchase. We promise to serve you with our best!