Shopping for new Venetians Blinds in Melbourne can be very tedious and confusing taking into account the diversity of blinds available in the market. How can you decide which offer is the most satisfying & complementing, and comes at a cheap price? However, if you are looking for the best and you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, Venetian Blinds should be your pick!


To be honest, there is no secret! The modern-day Venetian blinds have come a really long way towards becoming the perfect window covering thanks to the enhancement in technology and various adjustments of the blinds that ultimately increased their functionality & value in the market.

The accumulated knowledge of the upsides & downsides of the materials used for producing blind slats has made the process of selecting the best Venetian blinds easier as we now know which material has the best insulating performance, reflects light & harmful UV radiation and resists moisture. There are also some common traits such as light and privacy control that remained the same for all the Venetians Blinds in Melbourne regardless of the material used. Thanks to the adjustable slats that we are able to control the privacy and decide when to enlighten or darken our house. They are all available in different colours but the overall look differs for every type. The installation & maintenance aren’t hard and demanding and they are less time-consuming than the cleaning and installing of other kinds of window furnishing.

Wood, faux wood & PVC are the materials responsible for the performance of the blinds, aesthetics & functionality.

Wooden Venetians Blinds in Melbourne have been in use longer than the other kinds of blinds that really accounts for something. Their everlasting beauty ensures that they are ranked pretty high on the ladder of favoured window treatments and they can be incorporated into all interior designs. The endless colour palette ranging from natural colours of different woods to the vibrant, dynamic colours makes them extremely useful for decorative purposes. With the new technologies, the problem of warping wood has been solved by applying a waterproof coating over the surface thereby making them, even more, moisture resistant. The above-mentioned qualities of the wooden blinds in Point Cook make them costlier than other blinds but their durability makes them a pick worth paying for.

Faux wood Venetians Blinds in Melbourne resemble wooden blinds and their natural look. In addition, they have become a solid, less costly replacement for the real wooden ones. The combination of wood & PVC increases their waterproof ability making them applicable to places with more humidity and condensation levels. They are available in a variety of colours and they possess an extremely high decorative value.

Vinyl blinds in Melbourne are the cheapest option. They are not as aesthetically pleasing as the above-mentioned kinds of blinds but they are an effective part of a contemporary interior. The water resistance performance is higher than other Venetians, making them a better pick for bathrooms or kitchens.

Venetians Blinds in Melbourne are an ideal choice for home and business owners who want to enhance their privacy, block out light, or just change the style of a particular room. As Venetian blinds give you a good control over the amount of natural light entering a room, they are increasingly famous when compared to curtains or other window treatments. Moreover, because of the wide range of materials used for the making of Venetians Blinds in Melbourne, they are one of the most adaptable window treatments available. Venetian blinds have truly become the most common window treatments found in homes & offices today. Cost-effective, attractive, and easy-to-install, these blinds are a perfect addition that is flexible enough to fit the interior décor of any room. Venetian blinds can either be turned or dropped, which suggests that you will be able to guarantee complete privacy for your home.

Indoor blinds of Melbourne are another great option but having mentioned all these arguments and reasons it is really hard to neglect the fact that with this blind type your home becomes a safe, adequately lit, and warm & comfortable place, and for this reason, it is only fair to state that Venetians Blinds in Melbourne are the best window coverings.

Venetian window blinds, also called horizontal blinds, comprise a set of horizontal slats connected with pull cords and a string ladder. Their easy lift system helps you to lower or lift them without any effort. Rotating slats, which you can easily position at any angle (up and down), serve to protect the inside of your room from curious passers-by and the impact of sun rays on the delicate surfaces of your furniture.

The natural and refined look of wood and wood-effect Venetians Blinds in Melbourne is one of the main reasons why they are considered a timeless and classy choice of window treatment. Different shades of brown & white make them adaptable to many decorating styles and easy to combine with a large spectrum of colours. The quality of wooden Venetian blinds, along with their closest supplement faux wooden blinds, is the main cause of their high ranking among all the kinds of window treatments.

Regular maintaining of Venetians Blinds in Melbourne might prolong their lifespan and offer a neat and clean appearance of the windows. An occasional dusting of wooden blinds is enough to remove dirt. For a more detailed cleaning – wiping slats with a sponge soaked in water and a detergent should be sufficient. These blinds are very durable and long-lasting. Their slats are could be more or less rigid and bendable, however, they are still very hard to break.

Venetians Blinds in Melbourne are a bit expensive, but their durability and other benefits compensate for their higher price. A less expensive option is, of course, faux wood, similar in appearance to wooden blinds but more moisture resistant & energy efficient. Buy your blinds from the Drowell Blinds right away!